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Our human genetics DNA has so much potential. At this time we have been severely corrupted. Corruption of our genetics DNA goes back to the creation of time itself. Have you heard that time is an illusion? Time is an illusion and so is the reality humanity finds itself under. We have been distracted from realizing our full potential.

We have a tool loaded with symbology designed to empower you to remember who you are and become your own super hero. In this age of suppression and authoritarian control you can break free and claim your sovereign birthright, peacefully.

This tool is a sticker and we have two sizes. Bumper size and smaller for your bankcard or laptop, reminding the truth of who you are.  We need to spread these stickers so that wherever you go you see the reminder that we are ABUNDANCE. Our genetics DNA has black serpents coiled around it, they are distorting our ability to receive and transmit pure source energy draining our vital life force and leading us to believe this matrix before our eyes is real and the truth. This matrix never has or ever will be the truth. It is a labyrinth of lies ruled by a money cult. We don’t say money is bad or good just that it is a distraction from the innate ability to manifest without the need for anything external

Whilst we have serpents coiled around our DNA we are attached to the money cult and depend upon it to survive. Whilst money is an issue this is NOT ABUNDANCE

ABUNDANCE has been misappropriated but not for long. The money cult directly relates to Codependency and this is what fuels scarcity and lack consciousness in the matrix surrounding us. This is a very elaborate prison designed to limit and enslave consciousness.

Money ensures the rich get richer and the poor remain poorer. This is also due to fear. False Evidence Appearing Real. The people 1% who have most of the worlds wealth have it due to the serpentine influence that is wrapped around your DNA. You and all the others who are afflicted allow the imbalance of wealth to exist upon this planet.

This tool allows you to no longer be distracted by the serpentine influence and remove them accordingly. You focus will be inside you reflectively, seeing and removing what limits an ability to experience a life without struggle or fear.

Imagine when not only you but anyone who engages and spreads the symbolism incites an ability to remove any and all serpentine influences on mass.

Lets do this together and rise beyond all known comprehension into REAL freedom …

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