pure abundance Liberate yourself by looking inside and free all corruption that exists. Be sovereign and know freedom has been chosen pure abundance pure abundance pure abundance pure abundance pure abundance You are a multidimensional being. What does this mean? Find out diving deep inside the inside United we become a force that allows the essence of love to flow throughout all of creation pure abundance

Hello and welcome. How did you get here? Perhaps you came across a gold Abundance sticker or you heard about this website and project.

Planet Earth is becoming a very unstable place for many at this time. Before this time, many could not predict what would eventually transpire. They say a prophet is ignored in his home town. We do exist, some like myself have the gift of prophecy and I have this project that offers an incredible solution in this time of crisis for many. I have seen what has already come and what is to come in the very near future. If we bury our head in the sand, hope it all goes away and ignore the signs our future is perilous. Now there is a pandemic and with this collapsing global economies. There is hardship, instability and emotional upheaval. In these times of darkness and shadow are you ready to see the light?

Are you open to magic and miracles? This project has been seeded from higher dimensions. We can create a reality free from fear and all negativity. There is great potential to experience a fearless ecstatic truth filled existence.

Interested ???

This tool you have now been made aware of can assist you in making a transition to a new world for real. Who would think that one simple bumper sticker can have the power to shift reality in ways that can change thousands of years of enslavement to absolute freedom and sovereignty.

Many years ago this vision was seeded. Anyone who chooses to, has an opportunity to exit the chess board permanently. Disappear and stop being part of a slave game. Be LOVE, its that simple. INHERIT ABUNDANCE

When you make the choice to align with abundance there will be a complete process of detachment and you will be on an ascension path. This sticker is a symbol that empowers those who come across it and embrace to transcend third density.




Artwork courtesy of Aurelian Puma Luminaya