Locked down deep in the human genetics DNA, lies dormant potential. At this point in time many have discovered that potential has been severely corrupted. This can also be referred to as ‘the shadow self’ where unconscious patterns, programs and conditioning play out. We have a tool loaded with many symbols designed to empower you to remember the truth beyond these aspects. You now have the ability to expose hidden patterns in yourself. Not only will you do this but many others will join as the magic of ascension will reveal miracles beyond current comprehension. This tool is a sticker and there are two sizes. Bumper size and smaller for your laptop, bike helmet, guitar case etc reminding the truth of who you are. We need to spread these stickers so that wherever you go the reminder that we are ABUNDANCE will appear and reflect as evidence everywhere.

Abundance is the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it. Not only this Abundance is transferred and shared, building community. If we keep saying the word Abundance it resonates in our cells, health, wealth and love. Once this occurs patterns in the unconscious begin reprogramming our thoughts that create a reality which is beautiful and supportive of our dreams, individually and collectively. What is your dream? Abundance says 100% this will be made true. How can this not be the case?

Don’t worry about money. Worry is a prayer for things that you do not wish to manifest! When you focus on Abundance and call in the support, if money is needed money shall arrive but money may end up being a short lived program. When you focus on Abundance do expect pain and discomfort to surface. We all have choice, fear or love. To be realistic, fear is an easy path and life will not present too many challenges, especially in the early stages. If you choose the path of love, life will present a huge amount of challenges, but this will also allow you to build strength in all these areas and weakness will be a thing of the past. The more humanity focuses on Abundance, another system of prosperity will appear, the divine bank. This bank has no need for external symbols and is closely related to magic alongside positive intention. The system we have in place is a lazy system and only serves those who label themselves masters over slaves. 

Now we all have the ability to take responsibility and be pro active retrieving any lost power and presence claiming Abundance as our chosen reality. You can buy a sticker or you can be a distributor and spread Abundance. A new world awaits but it takes effort and courage to make this happen.

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