#Gold means self realization. We are LOVE and LIGHT

#Black letters represent our shadow self with associated traumas

#Silver around the black means “every cloud has a silver lining” see the teaching, learn and evolve

#Silver and gold together are masculine and feminine energies merging. Left and right brain hemispheres logic and intuition become “superconsciousness”

#Letter A with a pentagram symbolizes completion. Alpha/Omega beginning and end

#Two lines. Between the letter a’s. Letter b and d mirror image (vertical) Second line u and n (horizontal) This forms ancient Sumerian cross (Pre-Egypt) heaven on Earth.

#The word dance depicts nothing is solid. Energy is always movement

#9 letters in Abundance. Nine times table reduce to 9. The degrees in circle reduce to 9 e.g. 180, 270, 360 all 9.

#3 golden phi ‘Fibonacci’ rectangles joined together make length of sticker

#Nine codes in total.

Nine is a number of transcendence. Nine is a number that dances unlike any other number.

This sticker is purposely designed to create a “Robin Hood” effect. What this means is that money is turned into love rather than fear, debt and slavery via balanced exchange. Once money is transformed into love it can no longer be used to hurt or harm others with greedy intent. The 0.1% will not be able to attract it any longer through greed.

When a sticker is bought all the embedded symbolism activates a living intention. The tool used to enslave and distract us is completely reversed into something infused with love. No more fear, debt or slavery. No war machine or sickness industry.

It is only a matter of time before this becomes the truth for those who are passionate to do what it takes to make Earth a paradise for all.

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